BOTT FRIGYES Rajnai Rizling 2017

Rajnai Rizling 2017

The product is no longer available.

“It’s not a German-style Riesling, this wine is more about Muzsla. And we like it that way,” says Frigyes Bott.

A proportional and rich wine from biodynamic growing, made from one of Frigyes’ favourite varieties. This time the diverse aromas are led by the place of growth and the style of the winery, instead of the variety, with camomile, kombucha, tea, tangerine and minerality. The palate is rich in detail, the acids of the variety, the place of growth and its taut structure are rounded out by the full and dense body. The grapes were harvested in several batches, and the must that was pressed from whole bunches was put into Frigyes’ old barrels. Fermentation happened in the usual way, spontaneously with its own yeast, with no temperature control. The creamy feel of the palate is partly owing to the malolactic fermentation that happens during the fermentation at the winery. The new wine was aged on its own lees, in fully-filled barrels for 8-10 months. It was bottled after slight filtering and with a low level of sulphur.

Homonna Attila
13 alc
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