BOTT FRIGYES Rajnai Rizling 2020 (Bio)

Rajnai Rizling 2020 (Bio)

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5 950 HUF
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Although the vinification method has remained the same: the must pressed from the whole bunches was spontaneously fermented in five-hectolitre barrels, the new vintage of Frigyes’ Riesling differs from the usual style. The real difference can be seen while pouring it, as this is the first time this wine was bottled unfiltered and with even more lees, therefore it’s now approaching the cloudier, wilder wines of the selection.

“We are seeking the variety’s ‘natural wine’ side, as we don’t want to go in the German, razor-sharp acidity style direction. We wish to keep the same elegance, only in a lot more layers. That’s why the biggest change in 2020 happened with this wine.” – Frigyes Bott.

Bott Frigyes
0.75 l
13.5 alc
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