BOTT FRIGYES Szűretlen Olaszrizling 2018

Szűretlen Olaszrizling 2018

The product is no longer available.

Olaszrizling was the first variety at the winery from which a wine was made that underwent skin-contact and was unfiltered. Then, following a few vintages of experimentation, it turned out so well that the Botts no longer make any wine from it in a conventional way. The fruit was put into the vat, partly with stems, partly destemmed, where it fermented spontaneously along with a bit of punching down, then it was put into the press during fermentation, and later fermented to dry in used barrels. A harmonious wine with an exciting, constantly changing nose of kombucha and a characteristic tea, medicinal herb note that has been there in Frigyes’ skin-contact white wines since the early vintages. It was bottled unfiltered, with a touch of fine lees.

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