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BOTT FRIGYES Olaszrizling 2021 (Bio) - Bortársaság

BOTT FRIGYESOlaszrizling 2021 (Bio)

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HUF 8 250
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HUF 7 838

Unit price: HUF 11 000 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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An easy to love natural wine from the heart of Muzsla. The grapes arriving at the cellar were vinified via the often mentioned ‘hamburger technology’, which means that they put foot-trodden grapes at the bottom of the vats, whole bunches in the middle, and destemmed berries at the top, and it ferments this way for 7 days. Eventually, after pressing, 20% of it is aged further in amphorae with 80% in barrels. The palate is fresh and creamy at the same time, with pear and apple on the finish.

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Bott Frigyes

Bott Frigyes

It was love at first sight when I first laid my eyes upon the nine hectares which lie on Öreg-hegy (Old Hill) at the confluence of the Danube and the Garam rivers, the latter which after running down the Slovakian hills quietens down on the plain.

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