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LUKA Cabernet Sauvignon "Cocciopesto" 2021 - Bortársaság

LUKACabernet Sauvignon "Cocciopesto" 2021

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Enikő Luka’s new wine was aged for 10 months in a special Italian amphora called Cocciopesto, from which the wine got its name. This vessel is made by hand from a material that had already been used by the Romans. It is a mixture of sand, clay and other rock debris. The Cocciopesto is durable, porous, it provides constant micro-oxidation, stabilizes the colour, contributes to the formation of more oxidative aromas, softens the tannin structure and, most importantly, does not add any flavours or aromas to the wine. The grapes come from perhaps the finest area of the Sopron wine region, the Steiner vineyard, from vines planted in 1985. It’s a real fruit bomb, with the feeling that you’re drinking a great wine.


Luka Enikő

Luka Pincészet


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