WENINGER Pinot Blanc (Fehérburgundi) 2018

Pinot Blanc (Fehérburgundi) 2018

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4 250 HUF
Unit price: 5 667 HUF / litre.
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The Frettner vineyard’s presumed Pinot Noir vines turned out to be Pinot Blanc at the time of the virgin vintage. So besides the Furmint, the winery got its other white variety almost by accident, but by now it has a secured place and gives a richer and more layered wine every year. Forest soil mixed with slate, biodynamic cultivation, greenery between the rows. After the hand-harvest, sorting and processing, it was spontaneously fermented in barrels, then aged for another half a year. It’s vibrant stuff with lively flavours, a foggy appearance, without filtering.  

Pinot Blanc
0.75 l
12 alc
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