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ILLYÉS KÚRIA Kékfrankos 2020 - Bortársaság

ILLYÉS KÚRIAKékfrankos 2020

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The oldest vines of Dr. Miklós Illyés' few-hectare estate in Szekszárd are to be found within the 50-60-year-old Kékfrankos plantation that’s situated below the cellar, on a total of 0.3 hectares. Cultivation is organic with lots of work among the vines and strict yield control. The vinification took place in the usual way in 2020 as well: during fermentation, the cap was covered with sand and then it was macerated for another month and a half, while the cap remained on the surface all the way, protecting the wine. At the end of the maceration, the free-run juice was transferred to the barrels by gravity, with a few lees, and later the wine was bottled from here. Almost everything is done by hand on the 3.5-hectare estate, the cellar work is slow and requires as little movement as possible. Maturation takes place in the local oak barrels, which were made by the last active cooper in Mecseknádasd. The Illyés wines are not wines of measured elegance and finesse, they are much more about healthy ingredients, traditional methods and rustic flavours.

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