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SEBESTYÉN Kadarka 2020 - Bortársaság

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SEBESTYÉNKadarka 2020

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“Viticulturally speaking, it means the greatest challenge for us. Half of our own plots are 50-70-year-old bush-vine trained plantations, where all the work can only be done by hand. The plantations are already mixed P9 clones and selected clones from Pécs [Research Institute]. The P9 Kadarka is the most sensitive, it requires extremely careful vineyard work carried out at the right time to protect it from disease. In return, it adds bright colour and spiciness to the wine. The new (old) clones from Pécs offer us the same opportunity as the colourful world of the old plantations, where different versions of Kadarka had already been mixed-planted. They did so because they believed that this way the variety shows its lightest, spicy character the most – something unique and unattainable for other varieties.” – Csaba Sebestyén.

The Kadarka of the loess-soil Szentgál and Bencze Valley was fermented in open vats, followed by 10 months of tank ageing. The outcome is a zesty wine with taut acidity. Kadarka spices, raspberry and redcurrant appear both on the nose and the palate. It’s a light, yet substantial wine that’s even more refreshing a little chilled

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