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SEBESTYÉN Porkoláb Kékfrankos 2020 - Bortársaság

SEBESTYÉNPorkoláb Kékfrankos 2020

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Tasting the fresh 2020 wines of the Sebestyéns, we realized that it would be worth showing one or two ingredients of the Bikavérs by themselves – bottling them and keeping the spark that we could feel from the barrels. This is how the Iván Kadarka was made last year, followed by this year’s Kékfrankos from the Porkoláb. A small parcel of young vines, fermentation is open vats, punching down by hand, ageing for a year in used Hungarian barrels. 

“The first single-vineyard wine we tasted in the wine region was a Porkoláb selection by Vesztergombi. We were its greatest fans. We opened a bottle of it almost every week. We’d just started making wine, and we’ve always paid a lot of attention to this vineyard. No matter what variety we tasted, it always brought out its most elegant side. This Kékfrankos is from only a 0.3-hectare parcel we planted together with a friend, and it always has a more floral, violet character in cooler vintages,” the Sebestyén siblings.

It shows the side of Kékfrankos that would be hard to feel from lengthily aged wines. This is the first time it has been made this way, and while planning the label we decided to emphasize the main point and left out the word valley, so that ‘Pokoláb’ could be written in even larger characters. 

Altogether 1,100 bottles were made. 

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