SEBESTYÉN Indigó Zweigelt 2019

Indigó Zweigelt 2019

The product is no longer available.

“Our first bottle of Indigó was made in 2003. That’s when we started working with Bortársaság, and the name was given by Attila Tálos. We were captivated by its purplish-bluish colour, so much so that we’ve been using this name for 16 years, even though the wine has changed a lot. Earlier, it was aged in barrels and bottled after a year and a half, now we round it out in tanks and bottle it after half a year. This is also a face of Zweigelt, moreover, it’s a super joyous, super juicy face of it. We hope it’s closer to the heart of our current consumers than the heavy, oxidative version. In the same way as for many of us, indigo refers to a Zweigelt and not to a carbon paper used for typewriters.” Csaba Sebestyén, winemaker. 

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