TAKLER Minden 50. Évben Kékfrankos 2014

Minden 50. Évben Kékfrankos 2014

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As the name of the wine (Once every 50 years) implies, Kékfrankos is only capable of giving a big wine in special vintages, once every 50 years. The contradiction lies in the fact that 2014 could hardly listed among the exceptional vintages. Then how could such a top wine come into being in a year like this? The first vintage was born by accident in 2007, from shrivelled grapes, and back then, the grandson of Sándor Bródy, Alexander Brody gave his name to the barrel. In 2014, the same thing happened: the Taklers did not wait for another 50 years, when the grapes shrivelled and they made the continuation of the one-time Szekszárd red aszú. A thick, rich, alcoholic dry wine made from shrivelled grapes, with the variety’s intense and broad acidity, the roundness of 6 grams of residual sugar and the spices of the new, 500-litre, French barrel.    

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