SAGMEISTER Breton Cabernet Franc 2017

Breton Cabernet Franc 2017

The product is no longer available.

We taste Ernő’s wines every year and we sometimes select a few of them. The Kadarka and the Furmint are approaching legendary status, they have a real fanbase, and compared to their popularity, not enough of them are made. Besides those, we also brought in some Cabernet Franc of his for the first time. The international variety was planted by one of Ernő’s vineyard neighbours on Tarcal Hill (Fruška gora) in Szerémség (Syrmia, in Serbia), from where a few barrels were made, out of pure curiosity. “I was interested in what the variety is like here on the hill, when it’s made in a lean, Loire Valley style with lively acidity,” says Ernő. Unfiltered and unfined, with minimal sulphur.

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