Tokaj Nobilis - Bárdos Sarolta

„In 1999, while I worked as a winemaker at Degenfeld, I thought that I wanted to try myself out at home as well. Me and my husband, Péter, started at my grandpa’s family vineyards and by today we cultivate six hectares. The showing of our vineyards is at the centre of winemaking. Where there appears to be a difference in the soil, we divide our vineyards into sub-vineyards, like with Susogó in Csirke-mál. The French vineyard philosophy is the closest to the Tokaj one; maybe that’s also a reason why our wines are aged in Burgundy barrels. 2011 was a hot year: from a viticultural perspective it was easy, but from a winemaker’s standpoint it was a great challenge.”

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