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BALASSA Betsek Hárslevelű 2021 - Bortársaság

BALASSABetsek Hárslevelű 2021

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HUF 7 950
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Mád’s largest vineyard is the Betsek, which has a special mesoclimate (it sometimes preserves the mist even until midday in the autumn) and geology (the soil rich in rhyolite, andesite and quartz) that are favourable for the production of dry and sweet wines of excellent quality. István Balassa's new vintage Hárslevelű also comes from here. It was fermented in barrels, in which it was also aged for 8 months. Besides the tropical fruits, mango and pineapple, subtle notes of tea and barrel spices also appear on the nose, which also return on the palate.

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Balassa István

„Five hectares is the limit for me. That’s the upper ceiling of quantity and quality that one can control. For me, that point comes at five hectares. The character of a vineyard shows itself the most if we wander around it incessantly; if we live together with the parcel and nature. We experience, learn and improve year after year. Something that worked in 2010 had to be redefined in 2011. In such a dominant and warm year, the differences between the vineyards appear more slowly. I work exclusively with second-fill barrels; the first fill never makes it into the bottle. It would suppress the character of the vineyards.”

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