DEMETER ZOLTÁN Birtokbor (Furmint) Száraz 2018

Birtokbor (Furmint) Száraz 2018

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4 850 HUF
Unit price: 6 467 HUF / litre.
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“The pruning shears snap in our hands and we also stick the labels on,” said the winemaker during our latest encounter. The circle is complete, the seven hectares of grapes grow in Tokaj’s historic vineyards, and the grapes that arrive to the winery during the harvest leave it only in the form of bottled wine. From the first to the last step, everything that happens is carried out in-house. The entry-level wine made in this way is streamlined and balanced with a round structure, and represents the appealing side of Furmint from the warmer 2018 vintage. An estate wine from Tokaj, from the man who pays serious attention to detail.

Demeter Zoltán
Tokaj - Hegyalja
0.75 l
13.5 alc
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