GRÓF DEGENFELD Furmint 2019 (Bio)

Furmint 2019 (Bio)

Bottle price
2 850 HUF
Unit price: 3 800 HUF / litre.
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The blend of the Furmint that came from the Terézia and Galambos vineyards in Tarcal. Thanks to the organic grape growing and the low yield per vine, the raw material was already concentrated and promising, which is clearly evident in the final wine. After the restrained start, the wine opens nicely, with white-fleshed fruits in the foreground. The palate shows soft acidity, 5g/l sugar and a pleasant mineral vibration, followed by a long finish with more ripe fruit notes. It was fermented and aged in tanks.

Gróf Degenfeld
Tokaj - Hegyalja
0.75 l
12 alc
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