GRÓF DEGENFELD Muscat Blanc 2017

Muscat Blanc 2017

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2 850 HUF
Unit price: 3 800 HUF / litre.
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The 2017 Muscat Blanc has arrived from the Degenfeld estate as an officially organic certified wine with the BIOBOR - ORGANIC WINE tag on its label. The Muscat of the Terézia and Galambos vineyards in Tarcal was fermented in the tank (where it was also aged) to off-dry, where fermentation was halted at 13 grams of residual sugar with lower alcohol and a light structure. Vivacious aromas, silver colour, nice, light palate, exciting acid structure. 

Muscat Varieties
Gróf Degenfeld
Tokaj - Hegyalja
0.75 l
11 alc
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