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KIKELET Birtok Furmint 2019 - Bortársaság

KIKELETBirtok Furmint 2019

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HUF 4 350
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Kikelet Pince

„We are on the road of learning in Tokaj. As the base of the sweet wines are the dry ones, we firstly have to become acquainted with the character of a good dry wine, then the next step will be the realisation of the vineyard character in sweet wines. 2011 was the best vintage for dry wines from loess soil. We experimented in small batches from September to the end of November with grapes of different levels of ripeness, without noble rot, for choosing the perfect harvest date in our vineyards. For a long time people looked down on these loess areas, but Zsolt and myself believed in loess a lot due to the past of Tarcal. We really love Hárslevelű and we are starting to get to know our vineyards.”

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