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KIKELET Tokaj Dry Váti 2020 - Bortársaság

KIKELETTokaj Dry Váti 2020

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HUF 8 900
For club members or over 12 pcs.
HUF 8 455

Unit price: HUF 11 867 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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“Hárslevelű is Furmint’s best friend, but I don’t believe in blending them half-and-half. We would kill both varieties’ characters doing that. The greater part of this wine is Furmint, but it needed the 28% of Hárslevelű, as the structure of the latter is high. It added a lot to the wine. It brings a third dimension to the mid-palate, as well as a kind of roundness.”

It has lovely structure, rich acidity, concentrated fruit and a long, elegant palate. A layered wine with everything in the right place.

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