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SAUSKA Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Bortársaság

SAUSKASauvignon Blanc 2021

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“The wine came from 3 different plots, harvested on 3 different dates and was made via 3 different fermentation techniques. That’s how we managed to keep the extreme challenges of 2021 in check and show the beauty of the variety coming from the slopes of Tokaj,” – Gábor Rakaczki, chief winemaker. In addition to the intense varietal character on the nose, there’s tropical fruit and elderberry, with minerality the main player on the palate, supported by grapefruit and nettle.

Grapes: “Sauvignon Blanc requires different care compared to other varieties. While the rest need to be restricted for better quality, Sauvignon is in its element when it’s over-yielding and overfed. In August, we feel like we are in a hop plantation while standing between the rows. I think the wine of it is unique, but I still want to get more out of it,” – István Czemiczki, chief viticulturalist, Tokaj.
Winemaking: The batch came from 3 different areas, harvested on 3 different dates, and was made from 3 different fermentation techniques. That’s how the extreme challenges of 2021 were kept in check to show the beauty of the variety coming from the slopes of Tokaj.
Tasting experience: In Tokaj, even international varieties become terroir wines, so this Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t bring the standard varietal characteristics of freshly cut grass, etc. Beside the intense varietal character, more tropical fruits and elderberries appear too, while minerality clearly leads the wine on the palate, joined by grapefruit and nettle later. Perhaps these latter notes are in common with the world’s Sauvignon Blancs.

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