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SZEPSY Percze Furmint 2018 - Bortársaság

SZEPSYPercze Furmint 2018

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HUF 17 050
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HUF 15 620

Unit price: HUF 22 733 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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Mád’s smallest vineyard, which was classified as first class in 1730 by Mátyás Bél, consists of a stone cone made up by huge rocks, rhyolite, quartz and tuff. The Szepsy family’s straw yellow Furmint, of which 1,440 bottles were made, is a sophisticated, structured, full-bodied and outstandingly long wine. Spicy apple aromas, a salty palate and elegant oak notes. 

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Szepsy István

„I’ve been saying for 20 years that we’d stop adding new areas. However, we just can’t stop ourselves! Now it’s the andesite soil of Tállya and its five first-class vineyards that excite me. Once it accounted for most of the grapes in the wine region. My wife’s hairdresser has even asked me why I go there so often. We discover 800-year-old vineyard names and each parcel hides a surprise. The 2011 wines seem suspiciously good: that’s when it’s the most nerve wrecking for the winemaker. Again it showed that there is no recipe in winemaking; the practice of walking the vineyards and experimenting cannot be replaced by anything. Every day we try to make our wines believing that the wine region will once again be at the place where it should be.”

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