TOKAJ NOBILIS Ahogy termett 2012 (édes szamorodni)

Ahogy termett 2012 (édes szamorodni)

The product is no longer available.

A truly unique sweet Szamorodni. Furmint from the Barakonyi and Csirke-mál vineyards fermented spontaneously, then spending a year and a half in 220-litre Szerednyei barrels. It recalls the old style with its pipe tobacco, walnut, yeast and breadcrumb aromas, yet it whisks us off to Tokaj’s future with its explosive floral-fruity-honeyed palate. Pure dried fruit, apricot, fig and date. Its name comes from an old Polish expression because the berries affected with noble rot and the healthy grapes were put into the press together. It’s full of excitement, but it’s a pity that only 700 bottles were made out of it in the hot and dry 2012 vintage.

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