TOKAJ NOBILIS Barakonyi Hárslevelű 2018

Barakonyi Hárslevelű 2018

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“We start every year by piling a lot of good topsoil between the rows. We bring it up from the bottom of the vineyard, and put it onto the snow-white rhyolite tuff, where the roots of the vines are almost visible. Then, by the end of the year, the soil moves down to the bottom of the vineyard, even though the soil isn’t thick there either, about 30-40 centimetres. I think this rhyolite makes the wine grown in the Barakonyi vineyard lingeringly mineral with honey and thyme notes,” Sarolta Bárdos grape grower and winemaker. 


One of the nicest surprises of our Hárslevelű tasting was this wine. The wines of Saci Bárdos are always very approachable, lovely and made for long ageing. In this case, however, owing to the earliest harvest ever (they even selected the grapes for the single-vineyard wines at the end of August), even now, at a young age by Tokaj standards, it’s already showing an exceptionally balanced picture. The Hárslevelű from the Barakonyi has a long palate, the nose is more floral with thyme and Hárslevelű character, rather than stony – it’s complex and exciting. The palate is full of energy and minerality, the acids also vibrate, yet it’s still joyful to drink. Made from organically grown grapes, the wine was spontaneously fermented in the used Zemplén barrels of the small family winery in Bodrogkeresztúr. 

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