BALLA Kolna Kadarka 2018

Kolna Kadarka 2018

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One of Ménes’ main grape varieties and according to many, the one that made the wine region famous. Harvested with significant yield control (5 tons/ha), made with spontaneous fermentation and ageing in large ászok barrels. Its colour already gives away that it’s Kadarka’s fuller-bodied, deeper style. The long, substantial wine exudes rich aromas of spices, flowers and red berry fruit. From the 2018 vintage, the wine goes by the name of Kolna, which was the name of the wine region’s unique kind of smaller and larger buildings, which from press houses to luxurious villas occupied the vineyards in street rows until the 19th century. Once as many as 2,000 such kolnas made Ménes Hill even more exciting. 

Balla Géza
Transylvania - Arad-Hegyalja
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13 alc
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