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GERE ATTILA Cuvée 2020 - Bortársaság


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“Blending is perhaps the most subjective element within the process of winemaking. That makes it exciting. We have a set order for this part. We work systematically, first we always select the base wines for the highest category, the Attila Cuvée. When we sit down to taste, everyone has one vote. "Yes" or "no" is the answer to the question of whether a particular barrel sample should be included in the Attila. Creating the blend involves determining the proportion of each base wine. In the case of Attila, there’s no fixed recipe, the variety that performed best in the given vintage is always used in the largest proportion. What makes it really interesting is that although we have developed our wines’ style together over the years during many tastings, we all approach wine a little differently, as a goal and a phenomenon even today." Attila Gere and his family.

The wine has an almost black, deep, dark purple colour and a complex nose. Beside the aromas of black coffee and rosehip, a cavalcade of mineral notes, finely chopped spices and ripe red fruits unfolds. The wine reveals a lively, fresh fruit character on the palate, in which the refined balance of tannins and acids is elegantly combined with the wine's luscious texture. It’s a wine with promising ageing potential, a pure and elegant structure worthy of the complexity of the famous Attila wines.

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