SAUSKA Cuvée 7 Siklós 2016

Cuvée 7 Siklós 2016

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8 750 HUF
Unit price: 11 667 HUF / litre.
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The classic formula remained in 2016 as well: Villány Cuvée 7 has a Cabernet Sauvignon backbone, while the Merlot only appears for its spice. The crop of the Ördögárok, Kopár and Konkoly vineyards was partly fermented via the so-called vinification integrale method, which means that right after destemming and sorting, the grapes are put into new barrels and subtle tannin extraction is maximised by rotation. These wines became really spicy during blending. Aroma-rich with pure fruitiness, in a modern Villány style.  

Red Blend
Sauska - Villány
0.75 l
14.5 alc
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