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CHIARLI Lambrusco Vecchia Modena Premium - Bortársaság

CHIARLILambrusco Vecchia Modena Premium

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Around 1850, there was a restaurant in Modena called Osteria dell’Artigliere, which was owned by Cleto Chiarli. Like other restaurateurs at the time, he also served his own wine in the osteria, which was made from the locally- renowned variety, Lambrusco, and with great success. It was so successful that Chiarli founded Emilia Romagna's first serious winery, Cantina Cleto Chiarli, in 1860. Whether it’s wine or balsamic vinegar, Chiarli is still a leading name in the area, and with Vecchia Modena they go back to the beginnings: both the bottle and the label were modelled on an unopened, preserved 1892 Chiarli Lambrusco. For the wine they harvested the local clone of the Lambrusco variety (Lambrusco di Sorbara, which has a lighter, floral, acidic character, from the north of Modena). After brief skin contact, it was slowly fermented in temperature-controlled, pressure-resistant tanks, from which it was bottled with filtering and a small amount of sugar (8 g/l). Those who have already drank Lambrusco will probably recall a deep-coloured wine, aromas of new wine, delicate bubbles, and the vivid sweetness. Vecchia is about something else, it’s closer to the classics with a dark rosé colour, strawberry on the nose, a vibrant mousse and a dry palate.

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