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GREGOLETTO "Il Familiare" - Bortársaság

GREGOLETTO"Il Familiare"

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A small, family winery with a long tradition (established in 1600). Until his death in 2021, manager of the estate Luigi Gregoletto worked on more than 70 vintages. Family members carrying on his legacy continue to do all the work by hand (including bottling). The estate's most special wine, Il Familiare, takes us back to old times, to family gatherings, and to the long tables of local restaurants. It breaks with science and is made exactly the way the ‘house wine’, which was only drunk in the family circle and with friends, used to be made in the past. We don't know all the steps either, but it’s certain that the bubbles were not formed during the secondary fermentation, but from the must's own sugar. The new wine is freshly bottled before spring arrives. When the constellation is good and the trees bloom the right way, the untreated wines usually round themselves out, take a good turn in the barrels and the residual sugar ferments out to the last few grams. In this case, it all happens in the bottle, the cap does not move in the meantime, and the bubbles, the lees and the flavours of the fermentation remain in the bottle.

This wine is one of the last members of a dying style. A sparkling wine that is completely revolutionary, but at the same time very enjoyable. It’s excitingly sour, completely dry and an ideal thirst-quencher. It's like a beer made out of grapes. Pear, grape and yeast aromas appear on the nose. The palate is light, fresh, pure and lively. You could say it's a nod to natural wines, but the chronology isn't right. The Gregolettos believe that it’s best not to shake a chilled bottle, and to pour the delicately cloudy wine carefully into a jug. The little juice left at the bottom of the bottle and the thick lees are the best base for spring risotto.

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