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GREGOLETTO Sui Lieviti Prosecco Frizzante - Bortársaság

GREGOLETTOSui Lieviti Prosecco Frizzante

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A small, family winery with a long tradition (established in 1600). Until his death in 2021, manager of the estate Luigi Gregoletto worked on more than 70 vintages. Family members carrying on his legacy continue to do all the work by hand (including bottling). The sui lieviti ((the now official name of Col Fondo) wines are living fossils of the region's history, taking you back to the times before the invention of the Champagne method: after the secondary fermentation that takes place slowly in the bottle, the fine sediment remains at the bottom of the bottle, which is not removed.

This wine cannot be DOCG due to the use of the screw cap, but according to the Gregolettos, this is the best closure method and they do not want to get rid of it. Aromas reminiscent of honey, orange and lime, vibrant, refreshing acidity and a very fine mousse. The palate is delicious throughout, free of any sourness and, thanks to the liveliness of the acids and the low residual sugar, the finish is dry and pure. If we didn't know that this is the continuation of a centuries-old tradition, we would regard it as an avant-garde, natural wine.

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