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    Josep Grau

    In his estate that was launched in 2003, Josep Grau made wine initially just for himself, and only gave a few cases to local restaurants. It was an accident that a Swedish sommelier happened to get a glass of his wine, when he was in one of those restaurants. That’s when Josep’s wine career took a serious turn. 

    JOSEP GRAU Volador Negre 2022

    JOSEP GRAUVolador Negre 2022

    HUF 5 200
    Bottle priceHUF 5 200
    Member price
    HUF 4 760
    JOSEP GRAU La Florens 2020

    JOSEP GRAULa Florens 2020

    HUF 11 900
    Bottle priceHUF 11 900
    Member price
    HUF 10 900
    JOSEP GRAU Vespres Negre 2021

    JOSEP GRAUVespres Negre 2021

    HUF 6 850
    Bottle priceHUF 6 850
    Member price
    HUF 6 270


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