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    Josep Grau

    In his estate that was launched in 2003, Josep Grau made wine initially just for himself, and only gave a few cases to local restaurants. It was an accident that a Swedish sommelier happened to get a glass of his wine, when he was in one of those restaurants. That’s when Josep’s wine career took a serious turn. 

    JOSEP GRAU La Florens 2019

    JOSEP GRAULa Florens 2019

    HUF 9 850
    Bottle priceHUF 9 850
    Member price
    HUF 9 020
    JOSEP GRAU Vespres Negre 2020

    JOSEP GRAUVespres Negre 2020

    HUF 6 350
    Bottle priceHUF 6 350
    Member price
    HUF 5 820


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