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    Santa Cristina

    The first Santa Cristina was bottled by Niccoló Antinori in 1946, but the independent estate has only been operating since 2006 in Cortona, Tuscany.  Besides Vermentino, Greco Bianco, Trebbiano and Sangiovese, they also work with international varieties. The classic Santa Cristina is made as red, white and rosé.

    SANTA CRISTINA Le Maestrelle 2022

    SANTA CRISTINALe Maestrelle 2022

    HUF 5 250
    Bottle priceHUF 5 250
    Member price
    HUF 4 810
    SANTA CRISTINA Campogrande Orvieto Classico 2022

    SANTA CRISTINACampogrande Orvieto Classico 2022

    HUF 3 850
    Bottle priceHUF 3 850
    Member price
    HUF 3 520


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