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TELMO RODRÍGUEZ Basa 2022 - Bortársaság


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HUF 4 950
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HUF 4 703

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Telmo Rodríguez's estate in Rueda lies somewhere halfway between Madrid and Galicia, and focuses only on white varieties. Basa, an old and much-loved member of our Spanish selection, comes from here. “We started out in Rueda in 1996, because we were looking for the basis of a good white wine. The rocky, limestone hillsides and the local Verdejo variety all made a deep impression on us. Back then, Spanish white wine had no name in the world, so we had one chance: to hit the target with a straightforward and distinctive wine,” says Telmo.
Rueda region, La Seca, Serrada and Foncastín villages, 90% Verdejo and 10% Viura. The harvest is followed by processing and fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks.
Besides the explosive fruit and green notes, the palate still has a warm, unique character. One of the most beautiful alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc.

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