Pintia 2016

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Pintia was a lively and bustling city in the 4th century BC, which spread out over 125 hectares around what is known as Peñafiel today. It is currently valued as a memorial site of cultural and archaeological importance, where traces of Roman and Visigothic cultures are being searched for. The Álvarez family has been supporting the excavation work for more than 22 years, thus expressing its strong attachment to the site.

The wine, made in the Toro wine region and bearing the name of the disappeared city, was launched in 2001. The grapes for it are grown on a hillside that is located on the outskirts of San Román de Hornija, which is famous for its high-quality Tinta de Toro grapes and the most robust, most powerful and most muscular wines in Spain. In the case of Pintia, the aim is to achieve a rounder and more elegant style, so 25% of the grapes come from Los Villasteres, which has more sandy soil and the grapes have more refined, more cosmopolitan aromas.

The hand-harvest is followed by fermentation with cold, natural yeasts. Malolactic fermentation already takes place in the barrel to achieve a fuller, oilier texture. The smaller part of the wine is aged in American oak barrels, while the larger part is aged in new French oak barrels. In this vintage, most barrels came from the Radoux and Vicard coopers, in order to preserve the wine’s fruitiness and highlight its sweetness. The result is a great wine that’s fresher than usual, less robust and a real contemporary bottling. The nose is intense with deep aromas of cocoa, ripe plums and oak initially, then after a chance to breathe notes of coffee, earth and mushroom emerge. The palate is warm, sweet, dark, dense and balanced out by minerality.

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