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SZEPSY Király Hárslevelű 2007

Király Hárslevelű 2007

The product is no longer available.
2007 brought forth southern style wines
Ahead of the March arrival of two defining Szepsy wines, the 2007 Urbán Furmint and Király Hárslevelű, we've collected all the essential information about the vineyard sites, vintage and the wines themselves with István's help. We provide the opportunity for you to get to know and taste them, while in February we also offer you a special discount when you pre-order them.
Technical information about pre-ordering
Exclusively at Bortársaság in February, we're taking pre-orders for the two aforementioned Szepsy's dry wines in Bortársaság wine shops and via the internet. Pre-ordering has no minimum limit, therefore even just one bottle can be pre-ordered throughout February at the discounted price. Wines pre-ordered and paid for by February 28 can be collected at Bortársaság wine shops in March or delivered according to the usual terms.

The wine It has more Király vineyard notes than characteristics of the Hárslevelű grape. The completely ripened grapes, the low yield and the partial apple-acid neutralisation delivered a fruity, lively, well-proportioned, full wine. The acids are not at all sharp; it’s already extremely pleasant to drink. | Bottle ageing 1.5 years before going on sale | Alcohol 14.67% | Residual sugar 1.5 g/l (dry) | Acid content 5.0 g/l read more | Amount made 5000 bottles

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