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Hungarian wines ABC - Borsuli


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Hungarian wines ABC

Whether you live in Hungary or just visiting, if you want to understand the Hungarian wine regions, indigenous grape varieties, and styles, we have the perfect tasting event for you.

Hungarian wines ABC

Jelenleg nincs meghirdetve esemény a témához. Nézz vissza máskor!

We will clarify what a 'Bull's blood' is supposed to be, what is a 'Tokaji Aszú' and 'Tokaji Szamorodni', etc. 

The range of tasted wines includes a well-picked mix of small and medium-sized wineries, representing what is currently happening on the Hungarian wine scene. We also talk about how to taste and appreciate wines, how to describe the different characteristics, and what to know about white and red wine styles. Our venue is perfectly located in the city center, right next to the Hungarian Parliament.

The tasting is held in English.

What we discuss:

  • Hungarian wine making regions
  • Most important indigenous white and black grape varieties
  • White- and red wine making process- from harvest to bottling
  • Tasting techniques
  • Current trends on the Hungarian wine scene

What we taste:*

  • Figula Olaszrizling Balatonfüred-Csopak
  • Sauska Furmint Tokaj
  • Heimann és Fiai Kadarka Szekszárd
  • Luka Kékfrankos Sopron
  • St Andrea Áldás Bikavér Eger
  • Kiss Gábor Code Villányi Franc Villány
  • Oremus Sweet Szamorodni Tokaj


beginners / do not need previous experience

We recommend it to:

  • who love and is interested in wines
  • who wants to get to know Hungarian wines in details
  • who wants to learn to taste and describe wines more consciously

Besides the wines of the tasting:

  • Notebook and pencil
  • Freshly made bread and olive oil
  • Unlimited filtered water
  • Italesse glasses for tasting

Suggested arrival time: 18.50

*We reserve the right for any changes.


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