Bortársaság Karácsony 2018
KÖNYV Kis Borhatározó (angol kiadás)

Kis Borhatározó (angol kiadás)

A termék már nem kapható.

Zsófi Szabó, who came up with the idea of the Little Hungaropedia and was also the graphic designer of the series asked us last winter whether we would like to participate in the creation of the Little Winopedia (Kis Borhatározó) and we said yes. “I looked forward with excitement to see that a serious topic like this would appear in the light, colourful collection of the Little Hungaropedia books. Then I met the people at Bortársaság and my thoughts about wine completely changed. First of all, Hungarian wine is diverse and full of special characters. That’s how you can also define Hungarian wine consumers. Wine cannot be labelled; it means different things to everyone. These basic concepts characterise the Little Winopedia throughout. It’s worth opening a bottle alongside. (I would choose a Kadarka).  Cheers! – Zsófi Szabó 

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